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Fanatic SUP Yoga Island Air Fit Platform

Fanatic SUP Yoga Island Air Fit Platform

2.499,00 CHFPreis

Fanatic Fit Platform
Feel the Flow
SUP Fit / SUP Yoga
Fit Platform
Sizes: 10"x10"
Allround / Entry 0
Manoeuvrable 0
Touring 0
Workout 10
Kids 0
Multi-Function 0
Budget Friendly 3

Die Fly Air Fit Plattform ist die passende Plattform für unsere Fly Air Fit Boards. Die perfekte Basis-Station für alle SUP-Schulen & -Stationen, Fitness-Center oder Hotels. Ob im freien Gewässer oder im Pool - die Fly Air Fit Plattform ist überall einsetzbar und überaus praktisch.

SUP-Fitness und SUP-Yoga Kurse erfahren in jüngster Zeit starken Zulauf. Das Workout auf einer beweglichen Balance-Plattform, wie sie unser Fly Air Fit darstellt, ist von höchster Effizienz zur Kräf-tigung des gesamten Körpers sowie zur Verbesserung der Balance und Koordination. Die Fly Air Fit Plattform ist die ultimative Docking-Station für bis zu acht SUP Boards. Sie ist speziell auf unsere Fly Air Fit Boards zugeschnitten, man kann aber auch herkömmliche SUP Boards daran befestigen. Zahl-reiche Verzurr-Ösen an und unter der Plattform ermöglichen die sichere Verankerung am Grund, Steg, Ufer oder Beckenrand.

The Fly Air Fit Platform is designed to compliment our Fly Air Fit inflatable board and create the ideal Fitness Island for an entire SUP Fit Yoga or SUP Fit class.

With 8 docking stations, the Fly Air Fit Platform is the ultimate podium for those who want to take their workout to the water. Packed with volume, stability and built to last; it acts as the ideal base for SUP schools, fitness centres, hotels or bigger indoor/outdoor pools. Thanks to the unique design, all 8 boards point towards the platform to help share the connection with your training partners; and are secured via multiple connection eyelets.

everything else becomes secondary when you're on the water

Fit Platform
deck pad

Comfortable and grippy deck pad
multiple eyelets

Delivered with straps and multiple connection eyelets to connect up to 8 Fly Air Fit boards (or regular SUPs)
HD 200 Technology

For our large models carrying a group of people we’re using our special extra thick and extra durable Single Skin HD technology, with new ultra strong double layer bottom (Fly Air XL). With additional layers on the rail for extra stiffness, our oversized special models are of similar rigidity as our smaller Premium iSUPs, while carrying multiple riders.
Pump 2x
Premium Backpack
Wheely Backpack with padded shoulder straps plus hip- and chest belts for effortless packing and transportation of the board and all accessories.

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